• /laravel/sail

    Laravel Sail Introduction Sail provides a Docker powered local development experience for Laravel that is compatible with macOS, Windows (WSL2), and Linux. Other than Docker, no software or libraries are required to be installed on your local computer before using Sail.

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  • /oskarsve/ms-teams-rce

    “Important, Spoofing” - zero-click, wormable, cross-platform remote code execution in Microsoft Teams TL;DR / Context “During an earnings call with investors today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reveled Microsoft Teams now has 115 million daily active users” 2020-10-27 “Security and Microsoft Teams” “Our commitment to privacy and security in Microsoft Teams” “In fiscal year 2020, Microsoft Corporation reported a net income of over 44.

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  • A highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go.

    go-git is a highly extensible git implementation library written in pure Go. It can be used to manipulate git repositories at low level (plumbing) or high level (porcelain), through an idiomatic Go API.

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  • A powerful cross-platform UI toolkit for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Ionic Framework Ionic Framework is the open-source mobile app development framework that makes it easy to build top quality native and progressive web apps with web technologies. Ionic Framework is based on Web Components and comes with many significant performance, usability, and feature improvements over the past versions.

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  • At LinkedIn, we are using this curriculum for onboarding our entry level talents into the SRE role.


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  • Code. Music. Live.

    ╘ ─ ╛▒╛ ▐╫ ▄█├ ─╟╛ █▄ ╪▓▀ ╓┤┤┤┤┤┤┤┤┤ ╩▌ ██ ▀▓▌ ▐▒ ╬▒ ╟▓╘ ─▓█ ▓▓├ ▒╫ ▒╪ ▓█ ▓▓─ ▓▓▄ ╒▒─ │▒ ▓█ ▓▓ ─▓▓─ ╬▒ ▄▒ ╒ ╪▓═ ╬▓╬ ▌▓▄ ╥╒ ╦╥ ╕█╒ ╙▓▐ ▄▓╫ ▐╩ ▒▒ ▀▀ ╒╪ ▐▄ _____ __ ____ __ / ___/____ ____ /_/____ / __ \/_/ \__ \/ __ \/ __ \/ / ___/ / /_/ / / ___/ / /_/ / / / / / /__ / ____/ / /____/\____/_/ /_/_/\___/ /_/ /_/ Code.

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  • Companion webpage to the book "Mathematics For Machine Learning"

    mml-book.github.io Companion webpage to the book “Mathematics For Machine Learning” https://mml-book.com Copyright 2020 by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong. To be published by Cambridge University Press.

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  • Custom firmware for the Xiaomi Thermometer LYWSD03MMC and Telink Flasher via USB to Serial converter

    ATC_MiThermometer Custom firmware for the Xiaomi Thermometer LYWSD03MMC and Telink Flasher via USB to Serial converter This repo is made together with this explanation video:(click on it) It is possible to update the Firmware of the Xiaomi Thermometer OTA with this WEB Tool i wrote: https://atc1441.

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  • Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift

    Alamofire is an HTTP networking library written in Swift. Features Component Libraries Requirements Migration Guides Communication Installation Usage Introduction - Making Requests, Response Handling, Response Validation, Response Caching HTTP - HTTP Methods, Parameters and Parameter Encoder, HTTP Headers, Authentication Large Data - Downloading Data to a File, Uploading Data to a Server Tools - Statistical Metrics, cURL Command Output Advanced Usage URL Session - Session Manager, Session Delegate, Request Routing - Routing Requests, Adapting and Retrying Requests Model Objects - Custom Response Handlers Connection - Security, Network Reachability Open Radars FAQ Credits Donations License Features Chainable Request / Response Methods Combine Support URL / JSON Parameter Encoding Upload File / Data / Stream / MultipartFormData Download File using Request or Resume Data Authentication with URLCredential HTTP Response Validation Upload and Download Progress Closures with Progress cURL Command Output Dynamically Adapt and Retry Requests TLS Certificate and Public Key Pinning Network Reachability Comprehensive Unit and Integration Test Coverage Complete Documentation Component Libraries In order to keep Alamofire focused specifically on core networking implementations, additional component libraries have been created by the Alamofire Software Foundation to bring additional functionality to the Alamofire ecosystem.

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  • Lens - The Kubernetes IDE

    Lens | The Kubernetes IDE Lens provides the full situational awareness for everything that runs in Kubernetes. It’s lowering the barrier of entry for people just getting started and radically improving productivity for people with more experience.

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  • Modern JavaScript Tutorial

    The Modern JavaScript Tutorial This repository hosts the English content of the Modern JavaScript Tutorial, published in https://javascript.info. Translations We’d like to make the tutorial available in many languages. Please help us to translate.

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  • Nomad is an easy-to-use, flexible, and performant workload orchestrator that can deploy a mix of microservice, batch, containerized, and non-containerized applications. Nomad is easy to operate and scale and has native Consul and Vault integrations.

    Nomad Overview Nomad is an easy-to-use, flexible, and performant workload orchestrator that deploys: Containers Non-containerized applications Virtual machines Nomad enables developers to use declarative infrastructure-as-code for deploying their applications (jobs).

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  • Prometheus Operator creates/configures/manages Prometheus clusters atop Kubernetes

    Prometheus Operator Project status: beta Not all planned features are completed. The API, spec, status and other user facing objects may change, but in a backward compatible way.

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  • A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API

    A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API Tencent is pleased to support the open source community by making RapidJSON available. Copyright (C) 2015 THL A29 Limited, a Tencent company, and Milo Yip.

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  • A lightweight online game framework

    Skynet is a lightweight online game framework which can be used in many other fields. Build For Linux, install autoconf first for jemalloc: git clone https://github.com/cloudwu/skynet.git cd skynet make 'PLATFORM' # PLATFORM can be linux, macosx, freebsd now Or:

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  • A Mapbox GL react native module for creating custom maps

    Mapbox Maps SDK for React Native An unofficial React Native library for building maps with the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS and Mapbox Maps SDK for Android Installation Prerequisit On Android we support from version 6 (API 23) upwards

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  • A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)

    Laravel MongoDB This package adds functionalities to the Eloquent model and Query builder for MongoDB, using the original Laravel API. This library extends the original Laravel classes, so it uses exactly the same methods.

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  • A Terraform module for configuring GKE clusters.

    Terraform Kubernetes Engine Module This module handles opinionated Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Engine cluster creation and configuration with Node Pools, IP MASQ, Network Policy, etc. The resources/services/activations/deletions that this module will create/trigger are:

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