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Homebridge Status Widget

  • Script for the iOS App Scriptable that shows a small summary of your Homebridge instance
  • All infos shown are based and provided by the Homebridge Config UI X found at https://github.com/oznu/homebridge-config-ui-x
  • Thanks to the github user oznu for providing such a nice programm!
  • This script does not work if you don’t have the Homebridge service (Homebridge Config UI X) running
  • This script was developed with Homebridge Config UI X in version 4.32.0 (2020-11-06), Homebridge at version 1.1.6 and Scriptable app in version 1.6.1 on iOS 14.2. Maybe you need to update the UI-service OR Homebridge OR the Scriptable app OR your iPhone if this script does not work for you
  • also thanks to github user kevinkub for providing a line chart example at https://gist.github.com/kevinkub/b74f9c16f050576ae760a7730c19b8e2

How to use

  • updatable way supporting the install script from https://scriptdu.de (very recommended):

    • set the widget up with parameter in the format <username>,,<password>,,<hbServiceMachineBaseUrl>
    • a valid real example: “admin,,mypassword123,,”
    • screenshot of an example when setting it up:
  • hard coded way: you need to configure

    • the URL of the system running the Homebridge Config UI X (the hb-service), including the port e.g.
    • username of the administrator of the homebridge-config-ui-x instance (not the actual linux user)
    • password of the administrator of the homebridge-config-ui-x instance
  • the residual parameter can be tweaked a bit for your needs

    • e.g. fileManagerMode, must be set to LOCAL if you do not use iCloud Drive. Default is ICLOUD
    • e.g. the systemGuiName, the name of your system running the Homebridge Config UI X (the hb-service)
    • e.g. the timeout could be increased if your system does not respond within 2 second
    • e.g. set the temperatureUnitConfig to ‘FAHRENHEIT’ to use °F instead of °C
  • if your homebridge-config-ui-x instance is not reached within the specified timeout (currently 2sec) the following screen is shown:


  • the widget now can notify you when a status has changed
  • you will get a notification if:
    • your Homebridge stopped running
    • there is an update available for Homebridge
    • there is an update available for one of your plugins
    • there is an update available for node.js
  • disable notifications by setting notificationEnabled to false
  • edit the variable notificationIntervalInDays to lengthen or shorten the time between getting the same notification (e.g. plugin update available) again
    • 0 means you get a notification every time the script runs (not recommended)
    • 1 means you get each possible notification to a maximum of 1 time per day
    • 0.5 means you get each possible notification to a maximum of 2 times per day
  • Open a notification to reveal the “Show me!” button which takes you directly to Homebridge Config UI X
  • Here are some screenshots:


  • at the top of the script there is a variable bgColorMode that you can set to ‘BLACK’ to use the black variant which looks as the following:
  • you can also change the icons failIcon = ❌ and bulletPointIcon = 🔸 by providing any other emoji

Infos shown in the widget

  • if Homebridge is running
  • if Homebridge is up to date
  • if all of the installed plugins (including Homebridge Config UI X) are up to date
  • if node.js is up to date
  • CPU load
  • CPU temperature
  • RAM usage
  • Uptime for the system the hb-service is running on
  • Uptime for the hb-service (Homebridge Config UI X)


  • triple check the credentials (2FA currently not supported)
  • consider increasing the requestTimeoutInterval variable
  • if some error occurs always check that you have the matching versions
    • the Scriptable app 1.6.1
    • Homebridge Config UI X 4.32.0 (2020-11-06)
    • Homebridge 1.1.6
    • iOS 14.2
  • if your Homebridge Config UI X is reachable and the authentication process succeeded but the further API requests take to long or fail you will get a screen similar to
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