• the CS missing semester Chinese version

    The Missing Semester of Your CS Education Website for the The Missing Semester of Your CS Education class! 中文站点 Contributions are most welcome! If you have edits or new content to add, please open an issue or submit a pull request.

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  • The Pulley ShakeSearch Take-home Challenge

    ShakeSearch Welcome to the Pulley Shakesearch Take-home Challenge! In this repository, you’ll find a simple web app that allows a user to search for a text string in the complete works of Shakespeare.

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  • 50+ mini web projects using HTML, CSS & JS

    50 Projects in 50 Days - HTML/CSS and JavaScript This is the main repository for all of the projects in the course. UPDATE LINK 👇 Course Link Course Info Website # Project Live Demo 01 Expanding Cards Live Demo 02 Progress Steps Live Demo 03 Rotating Navigation Animation Live Demo 04 Hidden Search Widget Live Demo 05 Blurry Loading Live Demo 06 Scroll Animation Live Demo 07 Split Landing Page Live Demo 08 Form Wave Live Demo 09 Sound Board Live Demo 10 Dad Jokes Live Demo 11 Event Keycodes Live Demo 12 Faq Collapse Live Demo 13 Random Choice Picker Live Demo 14 Animated Navigation Live Demo 15 Incrementing Counter Live Demo 16 Drink Water Live Demo 17 Movie App Live Demo 18 Background Slider Live Demo 19 Theme Clock Live Demo 20 Button Ripple Effect Live Demo 21 Drag N Drop Live Demo 22 Drawing App Live Demo 23 Kinetic Loader Live Demo 24 Content Placeholder Live Demo 25 Sticky Navbar Live Demo 26 Double Vertical Slider Live Demo 27 Toast Notification Live Demo 28 Github Profiles Live Demo 29 Double Click Heart Live Demo 30 Auto Text Effect Live Demo 31 Password Generator Live Demo 32 Good Cheap Fast Live Demo 33 Notes App Live Demo 34 Animated Countdown Live Demo 35 Image Carousel Live Demo 36 Hoverboard Live Demo 37 Pokedex Live Demo 38 Mobile Tab Navigation Live Demo 39 Password Strength Background Live Demo 40 3d Background Boxes Live Demo 41 Verify Account Ui Live Demo 42 Live User Filter Live Demo 43 Feedback Ui Design Live Demo 44 Custom Range Slider Live Demo 45 Netflix Mobile Navigation Live Demo 46 Quiz App Live Demo 47 Testimonial Box Switcher Live Demo 48 Random Image Feed Live Demo 49 Todo List Live Demo 50 Insect Catch Game Live Demo NOTE ON PULL REQUESTS: All of these projects are part of the course.

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  • A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

    Documentation For full documentation, visit tailwindcss.com. Community For help, discussion about best practices, or any other conversation that would benefit from being searchable: Discuss Tailwind CSS on GitHub For casual chit-chat with others using the framework:

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  • Tailwind Starter Kit a beautiful extension for TailwindCSS, Free and Open Source

    Tailwind Starter Kit A beautiful extension for TailwindCSS. Tailwind Starter Kit is Free and Open Source. It does not change or add any CSS to the already one from TailwindCSS.

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