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Welcome .. this repo stores a collection of freely available demos and advanced demos for AWS (and in the future other cloud platforms) These demos are avialable in two ways

  • here in instruction & architecture diagram form for free
  • as part of courses - including theory lessons and guided videos.

The free versions here are fully functional, with instructions & architecture diagrams and are maintained by me.

All demos have a structure …

  • 01_LABSETUP contains assets required for the DEMO
  • 02_LABINSTRUCTIONS contains text instructions and architecture diagrams

Video guided versions are available in my courses at

Demo List (Order of creation!)

  1. Implement a Dynamic, BGP Based, Highly-Available Site-to-Site VPN
  2. Implement Hybrid Directory - On-premises & AWS
  3. Hybrid DNS using Route53 Inbound and Outbound Endpoints
  4. Patching AWS and On-premises using Systems Manager Patch Manager
  5. Web Application Architecture Evolution
  6. Implement a Serverless Application
  7. Database Migration using DMS
  8. Building a serverless application using Web Identity Federation
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