The Pulley ShakeSearch Take-home Challenge Thursday, Dec 17, 2020



Welcome to the Pulley Shakesearch Take-home Challenge! In this repository, you’ll find a simple web app that allows a user to search for a text string in the complete works of Shakespeare.

You can see a live version of the app at Try searching for “Hamlet” to display a set of results.

In it’s current state, however, the app is just a rough prototype. The search is case sensitive, the results are difficult to read, and the search is limited to exact matches.

Your Mission

Improve the search backend. Think about the problem from the user’s perspective and prioritize your changes according to what you think is most useful.

To submit your solution, fork this repository and send us a link to your fork after pushing your changes. The project includes a Heroku Procfile and, in its current state, can be deployed easily on Heroku’s free tier.

If you are stronger on the front-end, complete the in this folder.

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