education/graduation $ git remote yearbook

Graduation Mona

This repository contains the yearbook of the $ git remote < graduation > event. By issuing a pull request to this repository, you can request to be added to the Class of 2020.

Join the event and receive GitHub swag in the comfort of your home!

Privacy Notice 👀

Consider that all the information that you add to this repository will be publicly available.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable with displaying your full name, you can include a short name or nickname instead.
  • If you don’t want to add a profile picture to the yearbook, you can use your university crest, or build an octocat and use it as your avatar instead.

Tiers 🏆

Tiers reward the effort graduates make for this celebration. By adding yourself to the yearbook and writing a post on DEV, you will get access to extra benefits. Make sure you submit your pull request before midnight Monday, May 25th PDT.

  • Tier 1 : Add yourself to the Yearbook by submitting a pull request to this repository and filling the swag shipping form.

  • Tier 2 🛍: Follow the steps on Tier 1 and write a post on DEV about a project you’ve built while being a student. You can use this template to get started!

  • Tier 3 🏅: The best project posts on DEV will be highlighted live on stream during the graduation.

Who can apply 📝

Any higher education student that has or will graduate in 2020 can apply to the yearbook.

  • Non-Traditional Education (Bootcamps, Codecamps, Hacker Schools, etc)
  • High School Graduates
  • College Graduates
  • Master’s Graduates
  • Ph.D. Graduates

How to join the Class of 2020

Replace <YOUR-USERNAME> with your GitHub username in this guide.

1. Create the folder _data/YOUR-USERNAME/

Fork this repository, create a new folder inside the _data folder, and name it with your username. It should look something like this _data/<YOUR-USERNAME>/. Ex.


2. Add your profile picture to the folder

Enter the folder you just created and add a profile picture of your choice. Accepted files are png and jpg, should be squared and minimum size 544×544 pixels. Ex.


Be aware, this picture will be displayed on the yearbook!

3. Add your profile information

Create a markdown file in your folder following the convention <YOUR-USERNAME>.md. Ex.


Copy the next template into your file, delete the boilerplate data and fill the information with yours.

name: FULLNAME-OR-NICKNAME # No longer than 28 characters
institution: INSTITUTION-NAME 🚩 # no longer than 58 characters
profile_pic: mona.png # Name and extension of your profile picture(ex. mona.png)
quote: YOUR-SENIOR-QUOTE # no longer than 100 characters

Do not use special characters in the template above.

4. Form & Pull Request

Fill a swag shipment form and submit your Pull Request.

Go through the checklist on the pull request template to guarantee your submission is valid. The GitHub Education team will review your application, approve and merge your submission if everything is correct. Otherwise, you will get notified of the changes requested on the pull request comment section.

Graduation Day 🎓

Don’t forget to watch the livestream!

  • 📆 Monday, June 15th 2020
  • 9:00 PDT | 21:30 IST
  • 📍 GitHub Education Twitch Channel
  • 📎 Add the event to your calendar.