dotnet-presentations/blazor-workshop Blazor workshop

Blazor – app building workshop

Welcome to the Blazor app building workshop!

Blazor is an single-page app framework for building client-side web apps using .NET and WebAssembly. In this workshop we will build a complete Blazor app and learn about the various Blazor framework features along the way.

Blazing Pizza

Getting Started

Go ahead and clone this repo to your machine, then dive in and get started!

Until the first full release, Blazor will always require the newest preview release of .NET Core, and the newest preview release of Visual Studio or VS Code and the C# extension.


Session Topics
Session #0 Get bits installed and build your first Blazor app
Session #1 Get started with components, create the app layout
Session #2 Add customized pizzas to orders
Session #3 Show order status
Session #4 Refactor state management
Session #5 Checkout with validation
Session #6 Authenticate users and authorize access to order status
Session #7 Track order status on a real time map
Session #8 Create and use components with template parameters
Session #9 Deploy your app to Azure